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The Great House Collection is aged and distressed with a feel of an 18th century patina and surface texture. The shade is arrived by an oxidation method that works within the tannin of the oak. This process changes the colour and texture of the hardwood with none stains or oils. It is that this course of that creates essentially the most authentic, reclaimed looking oak ground. This attention to element also applies when you specify reclaimed French oak for your hardwood flooring.

Our antique oak planks and beams from France have been reclaimed and was every possible wood flooring product. All planks will retain their antique character since nail marks, knots, cracks and wormholes aren’t being eliminated. Although being milled, each piece of wooden will differ barely in thickness and create a wavy and smooth texture that will mirror gentle in all instructions. These vintage oak flooring come both in 3/4” or 7/8” thickness. Our vintage extensive planks and the parquet slabs usually are not engineered but quite solid wooden inventory providing unique worth and sturdiness.

Aged French Oak

To be authentic, your French oak hardwood flooring planks should reach exacting standards in their composition and slicing. If you’re buying newly produced wood flooring, the unique supplier must be a sustainable timber merchant, who understands the growth patterns and timing required to supply high-grade French oak. These products illustrate just some of the methods you can create a unique look in your house, by choosing shades and finishes for French oak hardwood flooring that match your tastes and overall theme. Our Paris French Oak flooring is crafted from genuine reclaimed barn boards salvaged from old homes situated across Europe. This unique and prestigious rustic wood contains distinguishing character marks, nail holes and color tone variations that range from a light-weight to a medium dark brown aged patina. Also used in wine casks and wine barrels, our Paris French Oak is sturdy, with a unique dense grain pattern and distinguished look.

Oak Flooring From Reclaimed And New French Oak

French oak is favored due to its high tannin degree, allowing it to soak up extra colour. This process leads to a more pure, longer-lasting end and a better quality ground. Also, regardless of how resilient and durable French oak flooring is, it might possibly get damaged if it’s the sufferer of heavy items dropped from an excellent peak. Sharp objects that drag across it could also produce scratches, together with pet claws! Take simple steps to avoid these risks, and your French oak hardwood flooring will proceed to be breathtakingly pretty for a few years.

Never use harsh chemical compounds to scrub your floor and apply as little water as attainable. There are particular hardwood floor cleaners that shall be sort and effective so that you can use. Avoiding an excessive amount of moisture settling in your wooden floor is clear widespread sense. French oak is particularly valued by anybody who knows their wooden categories.

You are invited to visit our flooring showroom in Los Angeles and flick through our hardwood samples so you can experience the finish, high quality, and luxurious of genuine French oak flooring for your self. Another cause that French oak hardwood flooring is the “go-to” choice for so much of owners, is that it can be created to match many inside design themes. Firstly, let’s look at exactly what French oak hardwood flooring is, and the reasons it’s such a sensible choice for owners. Don’t think about for a minute that this pretty flooring materials is obtainable in a restricted vary of finishes. Its quality of grain makes it a great base for sanding to bring out its distinctive characteristics. Then, varied stains and varnishes can be applied to make extremely individual wooden floor planks.

It’s not simply a matter of American Oak and French Oak originating in several countries! The distinctive environmental conditions in France mean oak trees there have a particularly fine grain and gorgeous visible appeal. Incidentally, French oak is the wood often used to make wine casks, as its high quality and composition are so well defined. Oak is a sturdy and extremely versatile constructing materials.

Type Of Wooden

Antique beams and other buildings (that have stood the check of time) can be reworked into beautiful ground planks. These seasoned sources of French oak hardwood flooring are sometimes hand turned, meaning the work to create the planks is an exacting course of. Originally, I thought I wished to go with 10″ wide unfinished oak and have them completed on site with hand troweling, wire brushing and the proper pure matte stain. What I learned after researching is that this option is very expensive. Oak is amongst the best selections for hardwood flooring as a result of its sturdiness.

Having no gaps, cracks or potential to shift, will maintain your French oak hardwood flooring stage and drawback free. Our Paris French Oak flooring is created using one of the best genuine aged weathered lumber salvaged from varied old structures present in Europe. The result is a reclaimed to perfection flooring, ensuing from over one hundred years of pure weathering. This flooring is customized ready to fit your needs, as it is a rare and distinctive product.

For example, our Driftwood St. aged French oak wood flooring Tropez French Oak Wood Flooring has an virtually liquid flow to its swirls and patterns. Whereas our Steamed French Oak Wood Flooring has a subtler, more low key vibe. Look at our Arthur Reclaimed French Oak Wood Flooring too. Its inherent the Aristocracy and ageless magnificence are there for all to see. Please name us to debate choices, and see our “specifications” tab under for normal choices. Shop for high quality any method you want with our on-line expertise.